By making one-off donations, you are able to assist in the education of a child without the commitment that long-term sponsorship entails.

Getting an education isn’t easy, and most students experience challenges during their degrees. The important thing is to believe in yourself and not give up.

According to a CRY report over 99 million children in India drop out of school at a young age. This means that at least 1 out of every 4 children doesn’t get proper primary education. Only about 32 children out of every 100 children complete the necessary schooling and only 2% of schools in India offer complete schooling from class I to class XII. While public schools lack resources and infrastructure, the ever-increasing cost of private schools prevents most children from receiving proper education.

We, at SAHULIYAT KASHMIR, believe that education shouldn’t just be a privilege of the few but a fundamental right for all. Thus, it is our aim to empower individuals through education who can get a good education.

What the money will be used for

Schoolkids with donated books

One-off donations will be used to make essential purchases in support of both students and schools. For instance, should a sponsor have to terminate their regular payment, the donations pool will be drawn upon to continue financing the student’s school or college fees until a new sponsor can be found.

Again, a student may not be able to afford to clothe him or herself to an adequate standard or to buy the necessary books, or a satchel to carry them in. The donations pool will be used to purchase such one-off items.

Schools will also benefit from your donations, which will be used not only to buy teaching materials and aids, but also essential improvements to the school’s premises, such as a monsoon-proof roof, or a new classroom. Please see below to find out which projects HELP is currently running.

Many organizations and donors like to advertise their generosity by asking the schools they support to display large photographs and wall plaques. We, in HELP, dislike this kind of self-promotion and prefer to do our work quietly and unpublicized. We do not waste our money on plaques!