Health & Sanitation

SAHULIYAT KASHMIR India's health-based programs ensure underserved children, youth and families have access to quality health and adequate nutrition, educate parents and caregivers about their role in preserving maternal and child health, and help youth gain life skills, practice healthy behaviors,...Read More


Ø Education: At JCT, education is our primary motive where we are wholly committed to alleviating illiteracy across the county with our educational campaigns and program.  We are running Kalam Education to improve the examination level of Students by giving them competitive exams module and   We are giving Free Textbooks, notebooks, schools bags, uniforms, paying school fees of needy students, giving them scholarships, providing girls child education scholarship, under the project of “Bachho ko padhaye Desh ko aage Badhaye”...Read More

JASMINE CHARITABLE TRUST  India's program life cycle is completed only when a healthy, educated child becomes a self-reliant, financially secure young adult who contributes actively to family, community, and society. Our Livelihood programs strive to make youth work-ready through technical,...Read More

 Women-Empowerment: - 

Apart from these, we are wholly dedicated to women and their empowerment. Here, they are being trained and introduced to the major requirements and their role in society. (We have done projects of PMKVY, SANKALP, RPL, CSR Activities which is led by the Government of India under the supervision of Various govt. sector and trades. Our team reached to the poor area and aware them of the project which is declared by the govt. especially for women and trained them under above mentioned course and empower them from this project we trained many females more than 9500 females and make them independent and empower them so they can live their life with full of freedom and look after their family. Our motto is to help to each and every needy person in Gujarat.