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Sahuliyat Kashmir ,is an independent non-profit organization with no religious or political affiliation , working for youth development, education, healthcare, child development and awareness about various social issues across all districts of Jammu and Kashmir. It was set up in 2017 and is registered under indian trust act, 1882 vid registration no. 3159/12/18 also registered under niti aayog darpan vid unique id JK/2019/0235671

Mission Wheelchair

Mission Wheelchair

Under this Mission we procured 100 Wheelchairs for specially abled people in which 70 wheelchairs will be personally donated to such specially abled who are struggling and are not able to purchase wheelchair for their daily use so 20 wheelchairs for those public places where No wheelchair is for specially abled people like Shopping Malls , Diagnostic Centers, and other places and 10 wheelchairs in org. so that if their is any emergency who is in need we provide to them

Mission oxygen kashmir

Mission oxygen kashmir

Under This Mission we Raised Amount For Oxygen Concentrators we have set a target of procuring 50 oxygen concentrators this year in various phases in the first phase we Raised amount for 10 Oxygen concentrators and till now we raised for 8 concentrators and in 2020-2021 we procured 1 machine so far total machines under Sahuliyat Kashmir till Now 09



We, at SAHULIYAT KASHMIR, believe that education shouldn’t just be a privilege of the few but a fundamental right for all. Thus, it is our aim to empower individuals through education who can get a good education. What the money will be used for .html">Read More

Mission Newborn Baby Hygiene Kits

Mission Newborn Baby Hygiene Kits

Under this mission we will pre-register the mothers during pregnancy of such families whose monthly income is low and who are not able to provide better hygiene to their new born so therefore we will help them with monthly hygiene kits for their newborns for the period of 0 to 6 months in which everything which baby is required we will provide them in that kit Each Cost of Kit is 5000 INR For Each Month which means for 6 month total cost of each baby is 30000 INR we are looking sponsors for this particular project in the first phase we will try to reach 50 babies we have set a target for the year 2021-2022 to target 200 new born babies which total project cost including all staffing expenses 65 lacks aprox. Till now we are able to raise 65000

Mission Zero Hunger

Mission Zero Hunger

Under This Initiative every month we provide monthly ration to some registered families who are enrolled with us we verified them first and after that helped them with every house hold item in this year we received many cases during lockdown so for that we titled this as #MIssionzerohunger and help so far 200+ Families till now with monthly ratio Kits we have set a target of reaching 1500 Families in this year apart from our enrolled families


Shafat Hussain  Gazi

Shafat Hussain Gazi

Shafat Hussain Gazi Chairman Retired Bank Manager from Srinagar JK

Salman Qadri

Salman Qadri

Salman Qadri Founder Self Employed / Student of Management From Srinagar

Sameem shafi

Sameem shafi

Sameem Shafi President Student of Soil Science in SKUST Kashmir

Current Campaigns


Sahuliyat Kashmir Sent Emergency Relief To Hunzur Dacchan
Mission Newborn Baby Hygiene Kits



Here You Will Find The Answers Of Your Most Asked Questions

1. What Is Sahuliyat Kashmir?

: Sahuliyat Kashmir Is Non-Profit Organization Based In Srinagar J and K Working In Major Four Fields Education, Child Development, Healthcare, Livelihood Founded In the year 2018 With the Vision To Create a positive change in society.

2.Who Is the Founder of Sahuliyat Kashmir?

: Salman Qadri From Srinagar J and K Founded Sahuliyat Kashmir In 2017 and Registered In 2018 With the Mission Is Serve the Humanity Salman Was 18 When he Started this organization he has only will power and enthusiasm at that time to do something for society and with the 3-4 years he had taken Sahuliyat Kashmir so far with his innovative ideas and team managing skills .

3. Under Which Act Sahuliyat Kashmir Is Registered?

Sahuliyat Kashmir Is Registered Under Indian Trust Act, 1882 Also Registered Under Nitti Aayog Under UID No: JK/2019/0235671.

4. What are the Main Objectives of Sahuliyat Kashmir?

Ans: The Main Objectives of SKVT Is Eradicate Social Myths in society Spread Awareness on various social issues and to help downthrown families in their livelihood, child development, education and healthcare .

5. How Can People Reach Sahuliyat Kashmir?

Ans : If anyone want to reach us they either directly call us on our helpline no’s which are given on our every social media handle or website or they call directly visit our office which is located in Buchpora , prince complex near JK Bank Srinagar or write us at Sahuliyatkashmir@gmail.com.

6. : What are the Services of Sahuliyat Kashmir?

Ans: Sahuliyat Kashmir Providing Free Monthly Sanitary Napkins, Oxygen Concentrators To COVID And COPD Patients, Nebulizers, Wheelchairs to Specially-abled people and also Monthly ration to Registered Verified Families Who has Zero Monthly Income.